2:14 am

What This Blog Is / Mission Statement / The First Bit

So. This is a thing. My first online diary, where I confess all my deepest secrets and pen Sherlock slash fics with the skill and panache of a lady cooking meth in a Walmart.

Just kidding! This is where I'm gonna shoot my random thoughts, be they a sentence or 40. Expect inane ramblings, non-sequitirs, things I hope will be quotable, pseudo-nostalgic trips back to the dawn of the internet, and probably some game-related stuff. Reviews are possible. Rants are likely. XBOX indie games will be bought, for better or much, much worse. Perhaps I'll use my complete lack of musical knowledge to explain why I like bands. Basically, this whole thing is only gonna be relevant if you like hearing all about me and my borderline-illegal synthesizer fixation.

"But senpai, I output from there!"

                        Let's make this something I'll regret in a few years, shall we?