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Have a quote from a food blog

"To be honest, antiperspirants have never made sense to me, since perspiration is one of the great ways for body to get rid of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals. If you are wearing antiperspirants (that are loaded with tons of harsh and toxic chemicals), you are blocking a natural way for your body to cleanse itself."
"Harsh" and "toxic" are words that apply perfectly to the way Axe smells, I'll give you that. Otherwise, I think you need to stop assuming that toxic things are toxic in even the smallest quantities. There is such a thing as a toxicity threshold, you know. Also, if I don't use antiperspirants, how am I supposed to go about my week without smelling like a pickle and blue cheese sandwich by Friday?

"If you are wearing deodorants to neutralize your body smell, it may be time to consider that most body ordors [sic] come from the foods we eat or from the reaction of our body to the food once it is digested. Keep in mind that what you eat in private will show up in public. The smell of foods that you just consumed is trying to get your of your skin [sic] and perspiration is a way for your body to get rid of the toxins and harmful stuff. Instead of hiding what you eat, maybe you should watch your diet and be mindful of what you put in your body."

Well, there's my answer. I'll just start eating only natural, healthy, organic foods like fruit, and I'll never smell bad again!

"Smell that? Like a combination of unwashed socks, sea salt and baby vomit? 
That's the smell of ripening innovation."

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MinionOfPhysics said...

And yet, I'm pretty sure that a can of deodorant I smelled the other day was in fact 'pickle and blue cheese sandwich' flavour...
Some of them just smell vile.

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