10:38 am

Bacon Chips Suck

These fuckers. There was a two-for-$6 deal on them at a convenience store. I fell for it. Worst decision of my life, and that includes trying to carry my laptop in one hand like a fancy French waiter. They taste like if you licked the insides of an empty can of bacon-flavoured Easy Cheese and followed it up by drinking petroleum jelly. The "bacon" flavour is subtle, but as offensively fake as a politician's promises and twice as oily. If someone paid me money to knowingly ingest these ruffled potato giblets of sadness again, I wouldn't.

If you really want the taste of chips and bacon together, just buy them separately and stuff them in a sandwich. Then put it on Youtube, because DIY artery blockages are all the rage these days.

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MinionOfPhysics said...

Potato. Salt. Vinegar. That is all.

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