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Monday Music Post #1 -- Boy Blue by the Electric Light Orchestra (Eldorado, 1974)

From what's possibly my favorite ELO album, we have a kick-ass tune that begins with some triumphant horns and segues into what I think is one of Jeff Lynne's finest orchestral tunes. It's not overdone (aside from the muddy robot voice), it's impactful, and it's catchy as all get out. This whole album is epic, taking a lot of inspiration from the Beatles--some would say more than "inspiration" on certain tracks. It begins to drag a little around three minutes in before it hits my favorite part, where Lynne talk-sings as the titular character of the song, a war hero during the Crusades. 

"I've seen bold knights, dropping down like flies,
I've seen kings, rolling in the mire,
I've seen God point the finger of doom to our foes."

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