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Monday Music Post #3 -- The Super Thing by Devo (New Traditionalists, 1981)

Three songs in and we're already getting weird. Devo is one of my favorite bands, despite the fact that my first impression of them was that they didn't actually know how to make music. Past me wasn't exactly wrong; their lyrics range from from barely making sense, to not making sense, to a 12-minute saga that I'm halfway sure is about a guy masturbating to save the dystopian future. So why do I like them? I have no bloody idea. It's probably the guitar, the synth, the funny hats, and the fact that they're a bunch of disgruntled nerds writing music about disgruntled nerd things.

Over their life as a band, they went from angry, raw punk music with electric guitars and homemade electronics to something hewing much closer to the synthpop of the time. As you can probably tell, this song is right in between. It's got some awesome, heavy synth on the low end, and a decently righteous guitar solo. Google says it's about being the one who pushes the button to launch the good ol' nuclear salvo, but as with at least half of Devo's songs, it's really whatever you want it to be. Mostly because the lyrics are almost infuriatingly simple and opaque. Such is the way of the spud boys.

Before you say anything, yes, I am aware that it's Wednesday. This is my internet realm, I can do what I want.

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