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Guess what? It's time for "I don't care what goddamn day it is" Music Post #5!

Who wants some strings? Of course you do, even if you think you don't. That's right, I'm looking at your, Mr. Vocaloid. Strap in, shrug on some gigantic 70's headphones, and get ready to blast into one-hit wonderland, baby. If you weren't wearing jeans, you are now. If you already were, they have now been transformed into soul-crushingly unhip bell-bottoms. Your car, if you have one, has become a Levi's Edition AMC Gremlin.


If you didn't previously have a car, you now own a collection of weird overhangs and fuzzy carpeting that vaguely resembles an automobile--also known as a Levi's Edition AMC Gremlin.

Wait, I was supposed to talk about the song, wasn't I? It's catchy. Very singable, as long as you don't try to hit those Mickey Mouse-level high notes. It says "disco version," but it's not really disco since it didn't make me vomit up a pair of platform shoes. It's no Earth Wind and Fire, that's for sure. More of a laid-back soft-rock/pop track with some orchestral influence--sort of like ELO. Yes, this was basically my excuse to post an ELO song without posting an ELO song. What can I say? I have an uncontrollable lust for string sections in pop bands, and god damn if that isn't an underpopulated niche. No, symphonic metal doesn't count. I prefer it when each instrument is used with care and purpose, as opposed to layered on top of 600 others to make an inscrutable wall of pure noise.

I tried to find a picture of a symphonic metal band to caption, but all I found was a bunch of people that go to my local Starbucks. Also, discount Johnny Depp.

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MinionOfPhysics said...

I'm pretty sure that quantity of blue is illegal.

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